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08.06.2018 by Jan Schewe

Pre-order Stella Sommer's 13 Kinds of Happiness now

Das kann ja heiter werden... 13 Kinds of Happiness, the oh so cheerful debut solo album from DIE HEITERKEIT singer and songwriter STELLA SOMMER, available for pre-order now. Official release date is August 10. We can't wait.

The songs on the album burst with confidence and are riddled with doubt, range between happiness and loneliness, dystopian soundscapes and simple folk tunes and are again and maybe more so than ever a stunning display of her incredible abilities as a songwriter and lyricist. Also she is singing in English for the first time.

While the songs and vision are all her own, the album is a collaboration of sorts between members of the bands DIE HEITERKEIT and MESSER. The album features appearances by fellow DIE HEITERKEIT members Hanitra Wagner and Philipp Wulf, Pola Lia Schulten (ZUCKER) as well as MESSER's Pogo McCartney, who also recorded the album, and Dirk Von Lowtzow (TOCOTRONIC).

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