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08.12.2014 by Jan Schewe

THE ELWINS play for keeps in 2015

Super pumped is what we are. Isn't that what the kids say? Well, it's true. Why you ask?
THE ELWINS are back. With a new album, their much anticipated sophomore offering Play For Keeps, scheduled for release March 20 on Affairs Of The Heart. While that is great news, it's still a ways off. Meanwhile, here's one of the songs, "So Down Low", in the form of a lyric video. So sing along, peeps!

"The song is about feeling awful about things." says the band. "It captures that feeling you have when you realized you really messed something up. We even threw King Kong in there, because sometimes you feel like no matter how hard you try to do the right thing you can still end up being a monster."

Plenty more awesome to come in 2015. Like for instance a London show. But that's just the start of what promises to be a heck of an exiting year for the band.

April 1, 2015  UK-London, The Islington

Stay tuned.

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