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18.08.2010 by Jan Schewe

Tim Kasher: “Cold Love” song premiere on

Today exclusively premiered “Cold Love,” the first MP3 off Tim Kasher’s debut solo album The Game Of Monogamy, which will be released November 19th, 2010, on Affairs of the Heart.

Kasher, also known as frontman for heralded bands Cursive and The Good Life, will embark on a two-month long, full-band US tour beginning September 30th at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, OH before hopefully making his way to Europe in early 2011.

Written and recorded in Whitefish, MT, this past January, The Game Of Monogamy is more of an arranged record than any of Kasher’s past releases, filled with theatrical arrangements and lush instrumentation (including various strings, harp, oboe, flute, and trombone) to create his own blend of classic pop. This moody orchestral music evokes a 1950s-esque, conservative atmosphere, setting the stage for a dilemma that remains thoroughly modern. The protagonist’s arc in The Game of Monogamy spans the wide range of distinctly human emotions tangled up around relationships in a starched shirt society. Call it the score for our collective sexual plight: expression routinely becomes repression in the name of romance.

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